Slumworm: Prototype Fixed Freestyle Frameset Sep 3, 2010


Remember the article I wrote for Urban Velo? Well, this is what I was talking about in it. With everyone going to 26″ Fixed, the larger companies that we’ve been buying frames from can’t move fast enough (and have other reasons, as pointed out in the comments), so the smaller companies and riders are taking it upon themselves to do so. Enter Slumworm’s new fixed freestyle framesets. 29’r and 26″. Not bad! Let’s see some detail photos!

Fixed Freestyle: Evolution or Revolution?

  • aj austin

    Remember when we use to commute on these bikes…. whatever happened to that being part of the design equation? Not knocking Slumworm I think its A sweet looking frame and it’s always refreshing to see riders start their own business. That being said, Dr. Fast and I were talking bout this at BFF’10 and it seems like kids now don’t ride these bikes they drive them to spots. I just wonder if we’re gonna loose the real purpose (transportation) behind these bikes in the name of progress? Thoughts?

  • tvool

    I get what you’re saying, AJ, but there’s always going to be traditional fixed gear bikes out there if transportation is your main concern. But some people want to evolve what’s currently available to suit their needs. When your focus is trick-based and riding street/park, commuting isn’t necessarily the top priority. And neither are traditional fixed gear parts that don’t withstand the abuse.

    I think there’s plenty of room for both genres of riding and products to live among us. Neither style is going to overtake the other and make one obsolete.

    Best tool for the job, in my opinion.

  • TedPole

    That bike looks like it has a 25×9 drivetrain on it. So I don’t think commuting would be a problem. That would be well over 70 gear inches!
    The progression of this is happening so fast that first gen FGFS riders are staring to sound like the fashion kids and messengers that thought this was stupid in the first place.

  • It doesn’t matter how big tires get, or how slammed seats are, because at the end of the day my bike is my only means of transportation, and I’ll be riding it rain or shine. It might take me a little longer to get where I need to go, but I dont think i’ll mind when I can hit Ledges, Stairs, and Manny pads along the way.

  • This is true, I do like the old vintage style of our old conversion bikes. And even though we ride these new bikes that are VERY trick oriented, none of us own a car. We ride to every single spot we ride. If we are going somewhere out of town, we all hop on the bus. We can still commute on it, we just do the mans way and trick while commuting. There is nothing better than just smashing around town hitting all the little gaps and jumps you see. If you’re trying to pedal some miles, raise your seat and be on your way.

  • I dunno. Ya’ll know how I feel about it all… haha. Still, I am so fucking god damned impressed to see you guys doing this. Hat’s off.

  • +1 TEDPOLE!

  • thor

    practice what you preach aj

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    I saw these things over at the slumblog and said WOWZA! I have me a frame on the way, but daddy like…a lot.

  • __________

    looks like a Specialized prototype to me!

  • JRAP

    ^^^^k PFG..^^^^