Seabase vs. Stelvio Sep 14, 2010

Remember those photos Cutterskink took of Patrick bombing the Stelvio Pass? Well here’s the video. Speechless! Follow Patrick and his life at his new blog. Thanks for the email homie!

Screw hills, bomb mountains!

Cutterskink: Patrick Seabase on the Grimsel Pass

  • amazing! going up there is hard, but down….
    good that the tyre didn’t pop!

  • snewman


  • shame this wasn’t in color.

  • Lukas

    FAKE!.. this guy is a loser. He’s just a cheater…c’mon you can fool your poser friends, but not cyclists. Take off the sweatshirt so the next time you’re more credible.

  • do i hear jealousy luke? poser friends? cuz we cyclists with a trackbike?

  • ortu

    Indeed Lucas. I don’t think he has even descent it… otherwise they’ve shown the worn out tire. This is a 30km climb

  • Rocco

    I’ve never done the Stelvio but I did a lot of climbs with my bike and I can say that the first thing I thought when I saw the video (and the guy with rayban, jeans, and all the other things) was: ok, this is fake. This guy has never gone up on the Stelvio with its legs. And I bet that has not even made the downhill…

  • renaud

    Believe it or not, but he did it…
    I made this video, and I’m very surprised to read all this comments.
    You need proof? sorry I can’t prove it, but believe me, this man is a machine…

  • silvio

    Lukas must be a real cyclist!

  • Chris

    I’m suprised that people would pounce on this and call it fake. Really? Video like this does make it credible, and other reports about Seabase’s exploits further support his reputation as an accomplished cyclist who’s conquered similar moutains.

    Why go through the trouble of producing this video when all people have to do is call Seabase out. All he has to do is say, “ok, follow me.”

  • dave

    why would anyone think this is fake???
    my only thought was “why not wear a helmet?!” poser indeed but i don’t doubt it’s authenticity (why would i? it’s a mountain road, he has a bike and rides it like the cyclists of the original tour de france/giro d’italia)

  • Antonio Hedache

    This is, how you American’s say ‘total BS’. I would hardly call this video proof – there are exactly 33 seconds of ascent footage in this ‘edit’, some of which was clearly shot from an auto. Having climbed the Passo dello Stelvio several times – I can tell you, it takes a bit longer than this – particularly in that obscene gearing. Patrick has himself posted photos he took at stops to ‘rest his legs’, which I can promise you, were quite numerous.