Rudy Melo for Leader Bikes Sep 26, 2010

All this fixed freestyle talk has you track bike heads fiending for some more videos right? Well look no further. Rudy Melo organized a weekend of filming for Leader recently and here’s the end product. Nicely done!

  • boyd

    i haven’t yet left a comment on this blog but i feel inclined to say something now. that was a horrible video. the most exciting riding was a whip skid and something that wasn’t even fast enough to be called spinning. the music hurt my ears and i already know hipsters drink beer so i’m tired of seeing it in edits.

  • wallingsworth

    awesome video. great to see some actual riding for a change. kid is fast, how the hell does he keep his hat on his head?

  • hern

    Boyd, lets see your video dicklips.

  • mike

    HEY! i can do this!! who wants to film me and give me free stuff?!?!?

  • ya’ll make me wanna turn the comments OFF. Just sayin’

  • Greg Normal

    That was terrible…truly terrible…i cant believe i watched the whole thing…reminded me how much i hated Macaframa and MASH….99% of ya shits NORMAL!!!!

  • dontcoast

    does it look to anyone else like this bike isn’t fit to this rider very well, or am i trippin?

  • deon

    It is good to see a london boy just riding ,not doing bar spins ,going fast is a lots art !!
    and thats from a aussie in london !!

  • Kiro

    Thats what I am talking about! Nothing but riding, good stuff. I like it a lot. Well done rudy…keep up what you are doing.

  • snewman

    it’s cool to see some riding. but damn those skids were on some no-style weirdo shit. for real. not trying to be a jerk about it, but damn, fishtailin?