Redline Bikes: 2011 Urbis Nox Sep 9, 2010


I love it that people expect me to get all heated when companies rip other companies off. Sure, history shows that I do tend to get a little annoyed when I see blatant rip-offs but over the last few months, I think I’ve calmed down a bit. I caught the Redline Urbis Nox on my Google alerts the other day and then the emails started coming. The number of emails I got yesterday about this bike with the subject like “blast them” or “they ripped off Leader” really caught me off gaurd. I have to say, when I saw it, I thought it was the Leader Shadow. In fact, the only thing that made me think it was is the HT gusset. I don’t know if you can even call that thing a gusset but whatever! It looks like a gang-nailer from a joist or something. It’s also a re-appropriation from DH bikes.

Many other bikes use the wishbone stays. Just off the top of my head, the DAMP Butterbean comes to mind, which was out months, if not a full year before the Shadow. It even has the DH / MTB plate gusset at the bottom bracket and a curved seat tube. What I’m trying to say is no one made an original frame. We all looked at other bikes for inspiration and it’s only a matter of time before the fixed freestyle bike becomes the BMX bike. Not in size or style but in general frame design. As for the Redline Urbis Nox, well, whatever. More options for people’s wallets.

In my opinion, the only game-changers are the bikes that make riding fixed freestyle cheaper for everyone. Bigger tires, mid-bottom brackets, etc. The bigger your tires, the less likely your wheels will get smashed and when you drop the Euro-BB, it gets less expensive to replace your pitted bearings. I just wonder what Interbike will have to offer this year? Big changes from two years ago, that’s for sure!

  • jordan

    maybe people should start looking into what factories and where these frames are made out of. If all the “new” frames are being made overseas in sometimes the same warehouse, i can see where similarities may come from. I’m not saying it happens for sure with these frames or that but it does with other mass produced bike products. just something to think about before people go nuts

  • Jesse Jambox

    of all the things available emulate from any bike company why in the hell would anyone chose to borrow from leaders disgustingly ugly “gusset” design . The only thing that things good for is training ivy to grow upward. The freestyle scene is getting worse ever day

  • Smitty

    Once they FGFS movement settles on a proven layout and geo, you are going to have bikes that look the same. The majority of BMX frames are almost indistinguishable form one another without their decals.
    Yes the Redline is pretty blatant and will probably only appeal to the rider that wants to look the part, but is not into getting broken off attempting tricks.
    For most of these rider “barspinability” is the only thing that matters.
    Most of my friends that have Leaders, only buy them because they’ll warranty their stuff no matter what. That and they are cheap.

  • David L

    Leader Cheap? $600 for a frame does not fall into the budget catagory (to me). I bet the Redline comes in for less and they do a have a warranty on their current Freestyle stuff.

    I doubt they set out to “Copy” leader…in fact if you look at past Redline BMX bikes you will find gussets and wishbones. Maybe Leader took a cue from old BMX technology? Maybe Redline looked to its own past? Who knows and who cares…Nice to see a larger brand jump in.

    I just would like to see more pics of the NOX and pricing.

  • voltron

    if they are copies or very similar we will start to see price drops in both of them. its starting to be a market where they cant just charge 1000 dollers for a frame like gorilla tried to do. the more people that make fgfs bikes the more that we have to chose from and the lower the prices are going to get.

  • My experience, as a dealer, with Redline’s warranty department leaves something to be desired. It is still an open sore, and I have not purchased ANYTHING from them in about 2 years as a result…
    Just Sayin’

  • nick

    I think the very first fixed gear bike to have wishbone seat stays were the prototype Tonic Supernauts from way back in 2004. Just sayin.