Recent Roll: Sleep at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple Sep 16, 2010


So call it gimmicky but I decided after years of shooting digital, to get a film camera and use it to photograph Sleep’s performance at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple last week. The performance was stellar, documenting their entire catalog (minus some tracks off Volume One and Two) and even a new song. Al Cisneros, Matt Pike and Neurosis’ drummer Jason Roeder captured the intensity and serenity of the San Jose born band. Sleep’s sound Influenced a generation and will continue to for years to come.

Check out some more photos below.


To say the crowd was “into it” was an understatement. Mosh pits erupting, joints blazing and fists in the air was the mood. It wasn’t until Jerusalem, aka Dopesmoker, that the crowd finally calmed down.


It’s nearly impossible to find a band that matches Sleep and as my first time seeing the band after being a fan for years, I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed! I hear there’s a rumor that the band will be recording a new album too. Stoked, I mean stoned, to hear that one!

Check out a few more at my Flickr.

  • film’s not gimmicky! it’s traditional and awesome!! the ones on your flickr look great. what kind of camera do you have?

  • Rick Anderson

    fuck. yes.

  • dpow

    Hell Fire! Nice shots. Really sad I missed them this past Saturday.


    ‘Since their time, Sleep’s music has influenced generations to come.’


  • Good stuff! What camera did you get? I’m thinking about grabbing a yashica t4 or nikon 35ti.

  • 400 35mm Fuji film with a Olympus Stylus. I personally don’t buy into the “$300 on an antique hipster pocket film camera”. Plenty of little point and shoots were good from that era.

  • JasonSlc

    Wholly appropriate medium for the subject. Really well done, thanks for sharing.

  • yeah i feel you — i just want something with a good sharp lens regardless of the hipster status that comes with the t4.

  • I dunno, those Olympus Stylus Epic cameras are a step up from what I have and are still like $35

  • damn 35?! thats sick — ill def have to pick one up

  • LOL

    prolly prolly gets paid from olympus to plug there old cameras. hahaha

  • But the T4 Super has a perv scoope