RatsKL: Introducing Adam Sabil Taufik Sep 30, 2010

More from the RatsKL crew. This is the first freestyle edit they’ve put out and it’s featuring Adam Sabil Taufik, one of their riders. That park looks so fun and it’s nice seeing fixed freestyle blossom in new cities. Remember, Kuala Lumpur has very little fixed riders. Give Adam a few months and he’ll be throwing bars. Stoked on this.

  • 8pmhangover

    That concrete is incredible.

  • Harris

    I would kill someone to skate that park

  • fazf

    thanks again prolly!yeah.give us some time and we’ll keep on progressing

  • Harry

    2:48 Malaysian Torey!

  • woah, that park!!!!

  • Vas

    nice nice, but what is up with that wallride clip played 14 times over and over, literally.

  • Johnny Brasciole

    You have to be kidding me. Everything about that was terrible.


    Now Johnny, you can be more constructive than that, right?