Rapha Continental: D2R2 Sep 9, 2010

D2R2? R2D2? Whatever. The Rapha Continental D2R2 ride video takes us on dirt roads, through forests and forgotten paths. Sandy Wittlesey brings up a lot of great points too. His statements about riding a bike and the sensory overloads you experience are spot-on. No other form of transportation, except maybe walking gives you olfactory stimulation like riding a bicycle. Those climbs look nuts but man, those descents look like a blast! Check out photos from the D2R2 here!

  • chris

    Given my limited knowledge in both road and cross bikes what are these guys riding? Cross bikes or road bikes perhaps outfitted with cross tires? Something else?? Looks like a great time. Once again, nice vid by the Rapha folks.

  • They look like road bikes with maybe 25c – 28c tires. We take the dirt trails up in Piermont all the time. My favorite part of the ride!

  • They’re randonneur bikes

  • Max

    I love Rapha’s Videos, especially when they hit the dirt. Their videos show the fun and adventure that can be had when road riding, which many people miss out on when they only watch the races and such. Makes me want to ride every time I watch.

  • Chris

    No way those are rando bikes. What modern manufacturer makes rando bikes? and why would rapha, of all people ride randos? too old timey for their brand IMO

  • Jimbo Jenkins

    About the Rapha bikes:


  • Danny Danger

    Yo Prolly, which Piermont trails?

  • Right after the big descent, take your first right onto the trails. It takes you around the back-entrance to Piermont.

    Here’s the last stretch, which is paved:

  • Danny Danger