PUMA Bikes: Mopion Sep 1, 2010


I gotta admit. I think this is the first and only PUMA bike that I can honestly say is pushing good design and function. Hats off to you guys. I just hope people can control these things better than the normal bikes. Beware of anyone riding a PUMA bike. They’re hazards! (joking of course). Here’s the story on the latest from KiBiSi PUMA and Biomega:

Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi, PUMA and Biomega extending the PUMA Bike portfolio to include a fashionable cargo bike, accommodating true urban lifestyle. Mopion lets you cruise the streets in style, while transporting your daily groceries or bigger loads. The smooth steering provides you with easy maneuvering around the city just like a commuter. Mopion is a unique lightweight and highly practical cargo bike with a fashionable twist that will make heads spin.

Check out more info at PUMA.

  • dontcoast

    Fashion AND Function? WHOA! wuddaconcept

    cargo area could be bigger…i like flatbeds like the CETMA cargo bike

    still…why aren’t more bike companies doing this?

    I love front loader cargo bikes!

  • michael

    Larry vs Harry is much nicer, the look, the road feel, the speed.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    CETMA Cargo
    Larry v. Harry
    Any bakfiets bike…

    nuff said. this kind of bike aint new and it aint pushing good design or function.

  • Florian Abrahamson

    Come on….Puman no good at making shoes and now they are trying to make bikes??

  • Florian Abrahamson

    haha I wrote Puman (Poo Man look at that bike)