Prolly is not Probably is in Austin Texas Sep 30, 2010


In case you missed this on Twitter, I’ll be in Austin, Texas from the 1st through the 9th. Posts will still happen but won’t be nearly as frequent. If you’ve ever wanted to punch me or just get some drinks, hit me up on Twitter! I’ll be kicking around Fast Folks and going on a few Mellow Johnny’s rides as well as hanging with the Sweat Hogs Texas chapter.

By the way, does anyone have a 58cm road bike I can borrow to log in some road miles?

Note: This is a sticky post.

  • Craig Smith

    sweet, welcome to Austin!

  • antihero1972

    cool, let us know what you think of Austin when you get back. My family and I are thinking of moving down there.

  • KarlWithAK

    Fab Friday tonight at 6:30. Meet at the Capitol!

  • StuntinINruston

    Hit up Barton Springs! Nice place to cool down after a ride. Do yourself a favor and get some Torchy’s tacos, too.

  • D. Tarv

    Make a road trip to Dallas for Monday Mash or Tits Tuesday while you’re in Texas!

  • aj austin

    you have no idea the world of hurt your walking into john… no idea.

  • Logan

    Torchy’s and Barton Springs for sure!

  • if you see a guy on a black mercier kilo tt fixed with a front break and a gray seat, PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! his names zach. oh and hit up Big Bites, and you gotta hit the hill behind toys r us right off of 360 and south lamar!

  • puckett

    fuck torchys. that shit is overrated. ima show this nigga real tacos. hide yer kids hide yer wife

  • Travis Owen

    I have a 57cm bianchi pista sitting unused at my place in austin if you want to borrow it

  • JasonSLC

    You’re going to have a blast. I spent the spring in Austin this year, great city, great riding, fucking great food and awesome people. I’d love to spend a few years there.

  • I went to Austin for a work conference last year.
    Even thought i didn’t know anyone and was there all by myself, bikeless and all, i still had blast.

    Austin Rules!

  • clay

    Stop by Fast Folks on Friday when a few of us ride in from Dallas, check it out..

  • Spencer

    Should you add some blood to this logo now?