NS Bikes: 2011 Analog Sep 26, 2010


Darek from NS Bikes shot me over some photos of the new Analog fixed freestyle bike. For 2011 they raised the BB, dropped the top tube for better standover and increased the track ends. Overall, this thing is nice! I’d love to see a murdered-out black version.

Check out more photos below.



Not bad at all. Throw some BMX cranks on there and you got a solid build!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Why not just use their ns2 fork on this? That thing rules and looks way better than the one made specifically for this bike..

  • Steamroller

    I’d totally run that fork, solid setup minus the cranks

  • fish and chips

    I have the older model of this frame and its so dialed. Best clearance and geo iv ridden.

  • Florian

    will the 2011 be sold as a complete bike?? maybe this will be my first trick bike???

  • bward1028

    how did they increase the track ends? it looks like it still only has 2.

  • womp womp

    that was a gay comment

  • Vas

    NS bikes is where its at, i love mine.

  • SxD

    what handgrip is it?


    hi Prolly, will this frame run 26″ wheels smoothly?