New Project: All-City Nature Boy Sep 2, 2010


So stoked on this project. When I first saw All-City’s Nature Boy I knew I had to get one. After some arm-wrestlin, horse betting and prostitution, I managed to get one from Jeff. Gotta finish up trimming the cables, wrapping the bars, installing fenders and swapping out a few stock components but right now, I’m stoked to finally be riding one of these awesome bikes. Expect a full review once I get my lens fixed.

All-City: Nature Boy Complete Build
All-City Nature Boy Cyclocross Bike

  • Old man bars…really!?

  • fred

    what kind of mustache/3 speed bars are those?

  • Nitto noodle bars.

    Yep! Putting fenders and getting Coast to weld rack mounts on it for me. Stoked!

  • chris campbell

    Looking forward to the review because I am not seeing what others are seeing in this. There are lots of quality single speed city bikes out there. Just saying

  • Joe

    Yo Prolly, you should check out the FSA Metropolitan bars. They are 31.8 and look awesome with twin ergos on them with black-n-white star track grips.

  • jr

    clearly eben got to you

  • Jeff

    that’s because you haven’t ridden one.


  • andrew f

    Hey prolly I hate to break it to you but those are moustache not noodle bars. Noodles (B 177) look like a standard drop, except they have some flare to the tops and the drops flare 4 degrees versus 2 on say a fsa wing compact. Bike looks good and I look forward to your review.

  • Alright- that’s it. Now that you are a full fledged sponsored rider with a bike for every season you need to get your butt out to the NW next month and race that thing in the SSCXWC. As one of the people behind the mayhem- I am formally and publicly inviting you. It’s time for a “send prolly to SSCXWC” drive…

  • aj


    someone sent the picutre to me. nice ride. and it works. see mine, with 30K miles on it that looks about the same at


  • In-progress build:

  • kennykaos

    so why arnt you racing cross on it??

  • Does everyone that has a track bike race at the track? I just wanted a SS with big tire clearance, fender mounts and cantis for the winter, that’s all…