Mishka D.A.R.T. Fall 2010 Look Book Sep 29, 2010


For the Fall 2010 D.A.R.T. look book, Mishka reached out to Takuya Sakamoto to shoot photos of some of the D.A.R.T. riders while they rode around on a Sunday afternoon. This season, D.A.R.T. revamped a few of their classic silhouttes and introduced new ones. Along with new tees, the entire collection is available to readers of this blog at a discounted rate.

Check out the rest of the look book and find out what the discount code is below.


Shea is wearing the red D.A.R.T. New Era snapback, black Hell Rides In tee and the navy Spetsnaz Mark IV.


I’m wearing the black D.A.R.T. Anorak and the black D.A.R.T. Varsity Sport tee.


Tone is wearing the olive Spetsnaz Mark IV






Jeremiah is wearing the red D.A.R.T. Anorak which is a heavy-duty, cold-weather and waterproof pull-over jacket. Perfect to be worn in the winter with a t-shirt base. Made to last!



We worked on the cut a lot in the off-season for the new Spetsnaz Mark IV jacket. It’s waterproof (10,000mm of pressure), breathable, cut for cycling and durable. There’s a reflective 3M strip at the back jersey pocket and under-arm pit zips to vent. These jackets have been thoroughly tested by D.A.R.T.’s city riders along with messengers in the winters in NYC. This year’s jacket is better than ever.


As a special exclusive offer, Mishka worked out a special discount code. Just use GETPITTED at checkout to receive 25% off. Also, if you’re in NYC or LA, you can ride your bike to the Mishka stores and use the GETPITTED code to receive the same discount. Not bad. Many thanks to Mishka for the support!

All photos by Takuya Sakamoto.

  • Harry

    Thanks Prolly. Just copped!

    You got some pimp hairdo going too my man!

  • d.patrick1a

    looks like you guys had a good time rolling around LIC taking these pictures.

  • Coop

    I’ve been shopping for a new jacket, is the Spetsnaz winter-weight or is that just the Anorak?

  • Coop: The Spetsnaz is a shell and when layered with a fleece works well in the winter due to it’s treatmet, especially when riding.

  • Bones

    Is the promo code for the DART collection only? or all gear? either way is awesome, just curious….

  • How long is the coupon code valid? (Please say at least until next friday!)

  • It’s only for DART gear and I’m pretty sure it’ll be valid for a few weeks.

    Also, I wear just a tee under the Spetsnaz in the winter. Pretty sure most are the same. Sometimes, depending on the wind, I’ll wear a long-sleeve merino baselayer.

  • Hot Carl

    So glad you guys included the shot of Tone puffing away. I was begining to question whether or not this fashion line was core or not. Now I know these are some hardcore no nonsense threads. Thanks!!

  • So stoked! Gonna cop a spetsnaz or anorak on pay day!

  • pete

    yo, did anyone try the code yet? i just entered GETPITTED through paypal but it didn’t work. anyone?

  • thomaslogerfo

    There was a snapback hat like the one above at interbike but was grey. I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Is this something thats not available yet?

  • That’s their collaboration with W-Base. It’ll be out in the Spring.

  • Pete,

    If you’re having an issue email [email protected]

    Sometimes Paypal is weird about Discount codes. But you shouldn’t be entering it in Paypal but during our checkout when it requests it before proceeding to Paypal.

  • I wish they’d push out some more stuff for the ladies besides t’s. I love all their stuff but the dude cuts just dont fit us brickhouse gals.