Matt Lingo: Pigs on Wheels Sep 7, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

So this dude must have rolled through a stop sign or something because he’s got a brake. Matt shares my sentiments though “really? you’ve got nothing else to do?”. Sucks!

  • Maybe he got busted for that seat angle…

  • 700c4Life

    I believe the citation was for improper saddle angle…

  • I actually think he got pulled over for seat-angle.

  • Matt

    Really? I would have pulled him over just for having his saddle at such a stupid angle. It’s not a bmx bike…

  • obviously fining him for not taking velocity sticker off of that rim! and the saddle angle! sheesh, they will never learn any other way!

  • I was about to leave a comment on the seat angle, but I’m clearly late.

  • I got got last year for brakeless, damn guy didn’t show up in court so I didn’t have to pay – but what a waste of time…

  • dan

    he got pulled over for riding on the sidewalk i believe! haha. im not joking.

  • spaceboy

    never had a problem in philly…

    i did hear a messenger got pulled over for speeding here once, tho. if you can believe that.

  • neanderthal

    maybe it was for having the bull horns upside down

  • that cop actually hands out tickets to cyclists like candy here in San Diego. I have 2 no brakes tickets.

    You can fight them and win, but it still sucks.

  • MAus

    I can not stand officer thompson.

  • jus

    Yo Morgan:

    What kind of fender is that in the photo above? I’ve been lookin for a rear fender that attaches to the seat tube (instead of the seat post) but haven’t been able to find one

    anybody know?

  • Andy

    That could be a zefal fender. They have one that connects like that.

  • yo jus, that fender is the zefal flamingo, pretty sure they discontinued it in black. not sure why, it was my favorite clip on fender

  • Yep, it’s a Zefal Flamingo. Fits the big bikes just fine but doesn’t clear as well on smaller bikes with less space above the seat stay bridge. On my old Rocky I had to insert it from the seat tube side because the part that goes around the seat tube wouldn’t fit through the hole.

  • jus

    thanks, dudes. keep mashin