Mash SF: Waterproof Jersey Wallet Sep 19, 2010


Mash SF took a really simple idea and made it better. I usually use a small ziplock bag for my phone, money, key and ID. After two rides, it tends to rip. Knowing this is a common problem, Mash decided to brand a nice and durable waterproof jersey wallet. It’s for sale now at Mash’s online shop or they’ll be giving them away at Interbike.

  • Guillaume

    zYou can also buy Ziplock! For the same price you probably get 25 bags :-P

    But Mash’s ones are great

  • s

    and sealine makes something quite similar. very handy:

  • D.patrick1a

    Since you’ll be there can you pick me up one since they giving them away? : )

  • rob

    looks like a pencil case.

  • What booth# at interbike so I can plan my stops.

  • Marty

    Last time I ordered from mash they never shipped the item nor responded to my email. Visa was cool about reversing the charges.



    I bought 50 of these at pathmark for $2.00.

  • adolf