Locked Up: Neon Yellow Ciöcc Sep 8, 2010


I took the opportunity recently to photograph this neon yellow Ciöcc after seeing it all over town. While it’s not Locked Up, it’s certainly “leaned up”. Even though, in my experiences, Ciöcc bikes rode like a big “meh”, this one’s quite the head-turner. Coated in neon-yellow paint and adorned with Super Record, there’s not much I’d change on the build. To top it off, the owner has a MASH Histogram water bottle. Not bad!

Check out some more photos below.


If it’s Italian steel, it better have a Cinelli cockpit. No exceptions!


The royal flush: Ciöcc’s head tube decal.


Internal cable routing and a brazed in Italian flag gives this Ciöcc some nice details.


The owner of the bike asked me what model it was and my initial reaction was a San Cristobal, which is what he thought it was. Anyone know? My Ciöcc history is less-than-honed. It’s a great build but even the owner shared my sentiments about the ride. Oh well, at least it looks nice!

  • John Brooks

    Looks just like my 92 Ciocc SL, they put the San Cristobal decal on alot of them. Mine was red with the Rasta Ciocc decals, the rear triangle and fork were chrome. My 92 now wears beautiful Passion Purple powder coat…

  • Same colour as my Paletti :)
    Have to diagree with the ‘Cinelli rule’ though as some bike look very good with 3ttt, as well.

  • M

    I’d cut my hair to ride that.