Locked Up: Cinelli Pista Sep 9, 2010


Coming across Italian beauties like this Locked Up proper on the streets of NYC isn’t very common. This baby blue Cinelli pista has seen its time hitting the asphalt. Paint chips and oxidation are indicators that this bike is well loved and very well ridden.

Check out more photos below!


Behind bars lies the name that still, to this day echoes in the minds of collectors and enthusiasts.


Cinelli steel track drops and a steel track stem with a Campagnolo pista headset. Drool!


C-Record Pista hubs are commonly called “Sheriff Star” hubs. Usually these crack after being ridden on the street but since this is such a small bike, I’m sure the rider doesn’t press the limits on the weight allowance.


Damn, they’re pretty!


I just love everything about the bike.


And this one’s properly Locked Up! Check out a few more photos on my Flickr!

  • chris campbell

    Is it me or is that fork bent? Looks like they rammed something…

  • Fork’s straight. An optical illusion with rake… First thing I checked.

  • chris campbell

    Crazy! I was just looking at some other Cinelli pista images and man, the rake doesn’t look that severe. Super nice bike no matter what!

  • wilis

    She has had this for years!
    Never repacked anything…

  • stephen g.

    saw this the other day! blogged about it.

  • You forgot to mention the CXP30’s! i love(d) those rims!
    Love the aged baby blue!

  • Nice find, and well photographed.

  • Todd

    Trying to learn how to “properly lock up” a bike.

    Through both tires, but not necessarily through the frame, using Kryptonite chain sans sleeve, and a key padlock?

    Just got a new bike, BTW, so its important to me. That looks heavy as hell, but worth lugging it around if it greatly reduces probability of theft.

  • This is well used Bike Porn!!!

  • John

    It’s almost there. That saddle, seatpost, stem, and bars would all be gone pretty quick unless the nuts were altered in some way.

  • She’s been messengering on that thing for years with no issue. If you’re working, your shit’s locked up for 10 min at most. Unless someone’s lurking you, your components are usually fine…