Locked Up: Brooklyn Gangsta Track Sep 7, 2010


Seeing an old bike of yours Locked Up is like seeing a lost love. I came across my old Gangsta Track today on my ride home. Lately, I’ve been missing it a lot. Since Brooklyn Machine Works will no longer be making the Gangsta and they made so few size larges, it’s likely that I’ll never get my hands on another. Bummer. At least this bike is getting ridden and it even got a new grill. Will, the current owner got BMW to weld on V-brake mounts and over time, the clear coat has chipped on the black chrome, leaving it with a ton of love marks.

Check out more photos below.


I simply love these bikes. Back when I shot Austin‘s, the thing that stood out the most was the rusty fork. While this oxidation isn’t nearly as bad, it’s enough to give it some character.


Very nice right?


The rest of the bike is still pretty clean. Those are the original decals and the powder still shines. Will’s stoked on the bike and will likely be holding onto it. After me saying I miss it, I’m sure that’s all the assurance he needs!

  • chris campbell

    Hey John, why are the discontinuing this model??

  • The company that made the chain and seat stays stopped making them.

  • chris campbell

    I’m surprised that they cannot find another source. Such a popular frame you would think that even for a bit more in terms of production costs for those parts it would still be worth it. Shame…

  • Harry

    Damn. After all this time, and just when I felt like buying one of these frames…

  • very nice piece!!

  • Edward Scoble

    Wait, they’re no longer making the Gangsta or do you mean they’re no longer making them at their factory in Brooklyn?

    I kept hearing so many rumour about a Tawianese Gangsta.

  • No longer making the Gangsta. Now they’re making the Launchpad. The Gangsta had aeroplane tubing on the rear triangle and fork. The company that made the tubing is no longer producing it.

  • vin-E

    Man this makes me sad that mine is jus sitting in my living room not getting any love anymore….

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  • Richie

    I’m looking to buy a Gangsta Track in size Large.

    Hit me up on rick.bengtsson(a)gmail.com if you have one for sale…