LightSpeed Mobile: Meet Your Customer – Sick Sep 29, 2010

Sick. Sick. So sick. So sick.

  • Chris

    This is probably the most dangerous thing i have ever heard of. goodbye to available balances. as somone who has worked in high end retail, i dont see a need for this. unless you are talking about a super small boutique or business, its really difficult to give customers that one on one.

    Affinity is a great example of that. as a high end track shop on the come up, they get a lot of walk-ins. ive had times where its hard to make a purchase because the staff is so wrapped up. Chari experiences the same thing. I dont see where this would be practical other than couture shops like Costume national or LV or something of that nature.

  • john q.

    @ Chris,

    You’ve probably never walked into an apple store before have you? Every employee there has one of these as a cashier. There is no lines, no check-out station. You can walk up to any employee to get rung up. It’s fast and easy.

    The Apple store is not a small store. It is always busy and yet, customers still get great one on one time.

    So, you’re wrong on almost all counts.

  • Gordon

    Hahaha, I know this shop. I’ve been to it and saw the bike in person, and I gotta say, it’s pretty sick.
    The shop is Off The Hook in Montreal, QC if anyone wants to know..

  • jordan

    you compared a bike shop to the apple store!?!
    i do not want to go to a shop that is like that store

  • chris

    @john q.

    apple stores are mad hectic. i dont fuxx with them because you have to take a number just to see a representative. i only go in there if something is wrong with my computer and i need a genius bar appt. and even then i hate it. theres always like a 20 minute minimum wait even with an appt. yes, its fun to oggle the product, but between my pro, and my iphone im all set.

    is that really a pleasurable way to purchase things for you?
    ugh. get me outta there. if thats what the purpose of these things is than ill stay away. im guessing you work for apple?