Leader Bikes: 2011 Catalog Sep 29, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

The first time I saw this photo, I couldn’t stop laughing. Fucking Tyler Johnson, the male model and fixed freestyle extraordinaire talking to his modeling agent on his cell phone while skidding one-handed. Classic. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a track bike company do something like their for their look book, I mean catalog. Speaking of, Leader has their entire 2011 catalog online now. Check it out here.

  • shitsngiggles


  • BW

    “…but why male models?”

  • hollister

    I think the joke is on us if we take this shirt and tie deal seriously.

  • anthony

    we can’t all be norwegian death metalists when we ride – i dig it

  • AJ Austin

    we said it at BFF “prettiest nigga in fixed gear” its like if the guy from Mad Men road to work. very nice tyler! as cities burn 4 life

  • matt shapiro

    the shadow and mordecai descriptions are flipped.

  • Tyler looks rad! But it DID make me chuckle. A lot

  • Tyler Johnson

    @juliet good that was the point. people take this stuff way too seriously. I am glad we got peoples attention and made them laugh and hopefully got them excited.