Lánchuszár Chainhussar Sep 4, 2010

One of the best things the popularity of fixed gears has brought upon us are web edits like this. Nothing serious, just riders riding in their city. Because we all know the best way to see sites in a new place is by bike. Awesome.

  • gepard

    My hometown, Budapest, Hungary. It’s just like how you’d imagine. By the way, it’s 4:22 A.M., we just got home with my girlfriend from my birthday party, and it’s soo great seeing Budapest on prolly… It’s like a birthday present. Thanks, bro!

  • eszkis

    bigup Budapest!

  • gino

    absolutely lovely, this is what fixed gear is about no?
    also very brave i’ve been to Budapest and they drive their cars like it’s the Grand Prix.

  • dirty

    really good vibe to that.

  • flashgordon

    he he, good to see Budapest, nice wibe too :)

  • jurij

    and my hometown represents!

  • Hajrá Budapest!