Keo Rock Sep 2, 2010

Here’s a very chill edit from the guy that got most of you stoked on riding fixed freestyle in the first place. Back when wheelie lines and spinny tricks were the jam and no one even thought of doing hop bars and peg grinds, Keo and the Seattle / SF scene ruled. This is the first edit in a while that I’ve seen of him but it’s good seeing him riding!

  • laurels

    that was the longest 4 minutes of my life. hes riding so slow now and that bike looks dum. Keo got me riding but he seems to be floundering.

  • ………………………

    is that a seagull bag?

  • Joey

    true that, he rides WAY too slow.

  • Hool


    The coolest trick on a track bike is to ride FAST!

  • Wilis

    Cool to see KEO still rocking.
    Nice to see some progression as well.
    Keo can rock fast I’ve seen it, this looks like more of a chill edit.

  • Guillaume

    He seems to have so much control over his bike. He is no more a leader on the “tricktrack” scene but his style is distinct and he definitly deserves respect!

  • Man, I miss watching this guy ride. Style for dayz! Fast isn’t always fresh.

  • PHLthy Rich

    gtfoh. this is the best edit ive seen in a minit. original tricks that no one can do, more style than rodeo drive. fast and sloppy will never compete with skill. and nobodys got more than keo.

  • isti

    he is still a source of inspiration. excellent bike control and balls to show the failed attempts. also, he might not be riding the kind of bmx style so trendy these days and jumping hideous stairsets, but his knees might not be totally shot either. keep rolling!

  • You guys are so funny!!!
    May be you don’t like this “slow” riding style, this doesn’t mean it is meaningless. Personnaly I like this style and it shows to me how this guy master his bike unlike some fast riders… Thanks to Keo, we all came to tricks riding because this guy is guy is creative and inflences the scene more than you can imagine.
    Have a good fast tricks riding, I’m going to trackstand at Vigorelli!
    (Not recent video by the way…)

  • joey p

    it may be slow but it is tech as hell. Way more than anything else you see happening out there. Tuck no-handers are cool but I can watch he BMX and Mtn kids doing that stuff way cleaner. This is where it’s at.

  • fish and chips

    Keo curry is the god father. the greatest. the king is here. shut your jiga jaba.

  • PHLthy Rich

    gettum chips

  • Sick Honda Hobbit!

  • joshua-roddy

    keo’s riding style is what’s up….. he does fixed gear specific tricks with hella style…. I’d rather watch this over some wanna bee BMXer anyday