Jess Versus is Lurking Sep 8, 2010

cold lurkin’ in the bushes

Now, I know you’re all aware that I don’t usually post photos of scantly-clad girls on bikes on this blog. It’s mostly out of respect for the female readership and besides, you’re on the internet. If seeing naked girls is your thing, open a new tab and well… you know. All that aside, today I shot the lovely Jess Versus ( @JessVersus ) on her new Gran Royale Lurker. It’s her first single speed and she’s in love with it. Here’s a little sample to hold you over until I put the set up on Friday.

Shooting girls on the bikes they ride and in the clothes they normally wear is the jam!

  • diggin this shot! the sleeve, the bike, the composition, and of course the beautiful jess! good stuff john!

  • Josephine

    I just love how every time you post a hot-girl-and-a-bike picture you remind us that you hardly ever post hot-girl-and-a-bike pictures.

  • nundt

    for every picture of your boxers, 5 shots of girls on bikes are appropriate.

  • jack

    I wanna see more of the girl and less of te bike

  • I don`t see a brake and I don`t see any foot retention. Is it setup as a coaster brake?

  • keepin it classy. thanks prolly =)

  • Jan

    and where is the rest?!

  • Hot Carl

    Thats so hot fresh full sleve tat and a fresh first fixie bike. Fuckin core!!!! Hells yeah!!

  • Bill

    for some reason it reminds me of this

  • front brake, freewheel.

  • Bill is a flatterer. ;)

    And thanks, everyone else! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Red heads are top 3 for me. She’s fit and she knows it. I’d hit it. Nymphomaniacs take one for the team!

  • Kabuki

    Is it just me or does this bike remind anyone else of Eastern Bikes? Same Fork Drops, Eastern Stem, Sub Stay Clamp.