Jared Leto is Taking Time Off Sep 1, 2010

Photo by David Krieger

From the “MOST DANGEROUS STREETS IN AMERICA” to ride casually through the cake-walk that is NYC. First, you saw the photos on Chari & Co‘s blog and now Bauer Griffin comes in with the exclusive street fixie whip pics. I wonder if he’s fixed this time? Or if he’s still coasting through them corners.

Kings and Queens and Track Bikes

  • b. taylor

    Does the ‘approving negative comments’ req. count on this one?

  • Rui

    Judging by the lack of foot retention on him and the guy riding behind him, I would guess its a freewheel.

  • Andrew P.

    Poor Cinelli.

    Something tells me the folks at Chari and Co trolled him hard.

  • aj austin

    he looks like he’s from back to the future II. I have other hateful things i’d like to say but whats the point this picture says it all.

  • nundt

    double aerospokes… freewheel… creative rec shoes.
    this guy…… this is not my kinda guy

  • chris campbell

    I….he’s a….why in the….WTF????

  • Can I fight that frosted headed douch?

    Please say yes.

  • jerkface

    look at those fucking handlebars. . .

  • Justin

    Did dude steal that over sized sleeveless shirt from the Hulk? And why is he wearing two pairs of black pants in the middle of summer, its fuckin hot out.

  • All sorts of weakness and un-legitness in this photo.

  • ctn

    According to page six:

    Smoldering songster Jared Leto rode in style to Nylon magazine’s party for cover girl Jessica Szohr — on a white bicycle. The bad boy pleaded with doormen to bring his bike into SL, and spent most of his time at the party checking up on his wheels.

  • www

    this is an exact example of an american culture that is so focused on materialism. this person is a manifestation of the culture we live in. a place where people have the time to focus on hot trends i.e outlier ormishka or other expensive materialism. where people buy njs complete frames without even thinking twice about where that money could of went cause poverty and displacement are not issues right? we have created this person jared. we are full of cognitive dissonance.

  • dontcoast

    keep that finger on the brake guys!

  • Smitty

    It’s funny to me that they are outfitted circa 2006. Maybe in a few years they’ll be rocking Kilroys and mini BMX bars.
    These shitheads will have to get Gyros for barspins.

  • Jamal Waterford

    should i feel good that i dont know who this is?

  • Jamal Waterford

    o wow 30 seconds to mars….

  • alex

    Dude was with Scarlett Johansson… just sayin’.

  • ewww

    im actualy offended by how rediculus these guys look, i dont know how they are but i know i have the urge to punch them off the bike…

    i think the negative comments need aproving on this one.

  • B-rad

    look at those fucking bracelets..

  • sick