Jackson Armstrong: Viking Hold Fast FRS Illustration Sep 19, 2010

Let’s just say when this came into my inbox last night, my jaw dropped. Jackson Armstrong‘s submission to the Viking Hold Fast FRS contest is ridiculous! Would you look at that? He’s just raised the bar. Still, more entries are trickling in. You guys have till Friday so God Luck and Good Speed.

  • my jaw dropped too.

  • Andy

    this is too good, i’m not even going to bother entering.

  • gus

    holy shit.
    that was amazing.

  • A

    holy shit. I think we have a winner, lol.

  • Chris

    Damn John that is pretty fucking epic. Being a graphic designer myself. I know he put alot of time into that. My hat goes off to him. Did he say how much time it actually took?

  • LG

    at the going rate for graphic design, how much do you think he just spent on those straps?

    Crazy good work, and lots of it.

  • You guys know I’m giving three strap sets away right? Nothing’s been decided yet!


  • mike

    my hat is so far off to this guy i will prolly never get it back….

  • So fucking fantastic!
    Where is the final image?
    This was such an awesome idea.. so much sick shit coming in.

  • Can’t wait to see the final Image. That was intense.

  • twowords

    im pretty sure this dood is my hero. i have to say prolly you should probably just use this from now on. your current logo is dope. but this man just went god mode on it.

  • Spencer

    That’s so cool.

    How was the video made? Flash?

  • naut

    really nice…whats the track playing?

  • Track is “The Lost Vikings” by Dethklok

  • Thanks yall for the support! To answer some questions: i saw the contest post thur, sketched up the design and vectored it out fri night and a good chunk of sat, so id say a full work day plus some change. The video was made using instantshot and rendered out in AE. Track is The Lost Vikings by Dethklok, yes the imaginary band from metalocalypse, cause they make me giggle.

  • RyanK

    SKILLZ! Cool watching your work in Illustrator! Jackson in super impressed! John give the man the Holdfast Straps for the love of god.

  • The sad thing is that I would have no problem watching the video in real time beginning to end.

  • I hope stickers will be made of it, I am ready to order some!

  • chet

    Damn watching you design the graphic from scratch DOES make the graphic a lot more impressive (espically to anyone who doesn t do graphics…aaahem John). Congrads Jackson, cool graphic)

  • seb

    this is ridiculous. period.

  • WIN. done and done. effing…ridiculous…can’t wait to see the final piece!

  • Holy FUCK. (!!!!!)

    I never noticed the type treatment before–I don’t know where it ended up, but it’s rad too. Completely without a doubt deserved first–and should be on t-shirts, for sure! :D

  • Brandon

    Holy Fuckin Moly….

    Oh god damn.. That was rad.

    perfect song too.. check out his vimeo page for more, the guys a genius

  • INTENSE! Holy shit…