Is There No Shame? Sep 6, 2010


All I gotta say is I better get free fucking burgers the ENTIRE time I’m in Austin next month. F.N. Goode Burgers ripped off my photo of Tom hopping my Bruiser for their menu. Shame! They didn’t even hit me up. Don’t you guys know how the internet works?!

Thanks to Kareem.

  • Big Mike

    This is about 5 times funnier because Kareem found it.

  • That’s a little sad, it would have taken 2 minutes of their time to just ask.

  • what the hell?! how’d they get hi-res? did you get a hold of them?

  • A

    lol reminds me of SE & their photo thaaaaang a while back

  • Anthony R

    They don’t even have that great of burgers. Walk in and ask for a compensation check. P-Terry’s is the only place in Austin that’s worth getting a burger.

  • aj austin

    i heard that place sucks, we’re only feeding you tacos and bbq while your here

  • peru

    yea, thats messed up, burger wheeled bikes look awesome though. we gotta go by there and get answers when you get here!

  • Harris

    huts>all burgers in austin

  • Eric

    At least this use is way funnier than the SE one.

  • mo

    P. Terry’s, Huts, Jackalope are the only places you need to get your burger fix at. Lots of tacos…and legit BBQ, and some delicious raw food joints abound as well.
    do. not. even. go. to. the “drag”(guadalupe st).

    ATX Polo is hosting a halloween tournament that weekend. if you’re in town, come out!

  • pushakey

    this is so lame its almost cool…