Interbike 2010: The Mishka DART Milwaukee Bruiser Sep 23, 2010


So this has been in the works a long, long time. Mishka‘s been supporting the fixed freestyle scene for over three years now under the DART moniker. The Death Adders Road and Track team is maxed out with some of the world’s top riders. A few months back, the design team at Mishka approached Milwaukee Bicycle Company to design a limited edition Bruiser in the DART insignia and colors. There will be a small run of these bikes available shortly and some details (which aren’t all present on the bike) include a mid-bottom bracket, custom stainless headbadge and clearance for 50c tires.

  • Aren

    That is going to be Huge!

  • This looks so rad.

  • Levenger

    Uhm, this bike is perfect. That is all.