Interbike 2010: Specialized’s Fixed Freestyle Frameset Sep 23, 2010


As I mentioned before, Specialized designed and fabricated the Slumworm 26″ fixed freestyle bikes. After a lengthy process of reappropriating their P20 bike to a fixed platform, the company has produced five prototypes. Three are running 26″ and two are on 700c. The Wheel Talk guys came by my Interbike booth today and I got an exclusive look at the details these frames posses.

Check out more detailed photos, including a look at the 9t 14mm fixed hub below!


The tubes, including the headtube are identical to the Specialized specs.


The proprietary hubs use a 9t bolt-on cog and are identical to Specialized’s BMX hubs.


By reappropriating these components, Specialized can achieve a pricepoint of under $1,000 for a complete. Yes, that’s right, under a grand for a complete bike that will take a thrashing.


Rims and everything on the 26″ version are downhill / dirt jump products and the 700c version, which is below, utilizes some proprietary rim and tire sizes although the bikes pictured do not have the rims.


This is a game changer. Big ups to Specialized and the Wheel Talk crew for working out the details. More information to come, including more detailed shots later!

  • young gun

    mother of god!

  • Dog-eye

    damn! i never thought i’d say it, but those 26 setups look fresh.

  • joshg51

    i thought specialized was gonna build a bike just to make money off of hipsters but they really jumped in full speed ahead

  • Rjcrouch

    Components be available separately? That hub would be a hit if it’s competitively priced to profile! Slotted option too!

    Big step in the right direction.

  • Dan

    hot sex!

  • jordan

    i wouldn’t have guessed specialized would ever get into this. usually im not into the complete bikes people put out but these look legit!

  • Smallmountain

    what’s the rear spacing look like? bmx? track? mtb?

  • Luke

    I’m gonna hope these frames and hubs maintain the 120mm old. We really don’t need another standard. Looks sweet all around.

  • Guillaume

    Please I do not want to see that bike with brakes and reflectors at my local Specialized dealer…

    Otherwise it looks killer

  • max

    i saw a prototype of it in the backround of the specialized video about there 2011 rockhopper singlespeed but i thought ut was fake.this is more than just another frame my fellow bikers.its a god damn game changer

  • hayes

    Are these photos mirror images, or is the drive chain on the left side of the bike?

  • Al B

    Most of Wheeltalk grind on the right side, so we set our bikes up left side drive. Once the hub is set up in fixed mode it’s left or right side drive.

  • YesI’mAsian

    That. Is. Sick. Definitely a game changer.

  • perttime

    The hubs are proprietary anyway… so why not make them MTB standard for 26″?

    Then you could use any MTB wheel, free on one side or fixed with a cog bolted to the rotor mount … if you don’t really want the mini drive train.

  • ian

    yeah, I’ve been wondering about the drive train being on the left too.

  • Max

    ^^^yes, I hope they are 135 mm spaced. They would’ve really missed an opportunity there otherwise. I’m always flabberghasted (that’s right) that “polo” frames are marketed to players that are riding hacked together bikes made up of a mix of old, cheap, MTB components…and they do things like: offer a 650c size wheel, with 120 mm rear spacing, or use 990 mounts instead of cantis. rant rant…waaay tangential. This bike looks crazy sick though. Nice one!

  • rane

    thought you guys said you were gonna raise that BB?? everything else is effin amazing!! been waiting on hubs like this forever!!

  • tedt

    I as well would like to see an ISO 6 bolt pattern on the other side of the hub. I live in Bangkok where there are barely any traffic rules and it rains every other day. So I’m trying to build up a trick & commuter single speed that can take a beating but still brake fast enough to avoid the stray car, bike, and dog.