Interbike 2010: RYD Fixed Freestyle Line Sep 27, 2010


If one thing’s for sure at the 2010 Interbike, it was that all the newer and smaller companies came out to stake their claim on fixed freestyle. One of those up and comers was Red Your Dead. The California-based brand showcased their full line with pride. Above is the Mundo splined sprocket and double straps.

Check out more photos below.


Here’s their Havok frame.


It clears 45c tires and has a curved seat tube.


And was built with RYD prototype bars, wheels, stem and grips.


Red Your Dead products can be purchased directly from their website.

  • Jesse

    Still not quite the big bad bmxy bike all us kids want

  • josh

    bars and stem are rough. 98′ huffy bmx style..

  • RJCrouch

    Did they have a bike with 45c on it? Everyone who just got their frameset can’t even clear a 40 in the front or back …

    Click here to read 30 pages of controversy over at TT

  • gob

    I love how patents and intellectual property don’t even matter anymore.

  • Benson

    They havent fixed the “Your” part in their name


    “your” means belonging to you.

    “you’re” is a contraction of “you are”.

    For example:

    Correct: “Here are your instructions for today.”

    Incorrect: “Here are you’re instructions for today.”

    Correct: “Surely you’re not serious!”

    Incorrect: “Surely your not serious!”

  • ok prolly i got a quick question. why does everyone want the wide bars??? on fgfs bikes that is. are they better for tricks or what? i dont really get it cuz i feel like id end up just slappin my thigh or knee when if i were to bar spin.

  • blair

    hey red! YOU’RE missing an apostrophe!

  • Guys, they’ve changed their name to RYD. Because Red Your Dead means mark your dead red (painting dead people was used during plagues)… It’s confusing to people so they changed it to RYD.

    got it?

  • No, it’s really like this;

    From Patrick (the owner/creator): “Red your dead means if you hit a red light and can’t stop…your done”.

  • Oh well then yeah, that’s wrong. haha. I was told something else…

  • Adrian

    Too bad what you thought Prolly wasn’t true, that’d be a whole hell of a lot cooler…

  • Mike Williams
  • catbert

    where can I buy more of these beautiful products?