Interbike 2010: Profile Fixed Components Sep 26, 2010


From launching their track hubs back in 2007, Profile Fixed‘s collection at Interbike this year was quite impressive. Pictured above are their standard fixed / fixed hubs and below are more photos of the brand’s offerings for 2011.

Check out more photos below.


Their single-sided fixed hubs, with wider flanges.


No-boss cranks with a splined sprocket.


Race sprocket.


… and their slotted-axle 14mm hubs. Can’t wait to get my hands on those!

  • Tyler Johnson

    i want the smoothshell singled sided ones so bad.

  • Please put a a peg on the rear and do a bunch of grinds on those 14mm hubs. Kareem and I are extremely interested in how they hold up.

  • aj austin

    i cant see john ever riding pegs. wish they’d make some bolt on hubs.

  • Yeah, not gonna ride pegs. Get a BMX.


    More interested in seeing if they hold up for drops / gaps and hippo riders like myself.