Interbike 2010: New H+Son Box Section Rims Sep 23, 2010


Here’s something that caught me totally off-guard. H+Son, the brand known for their deep-section rims, introduced a box-section and eyeletted rim for this year’s Interbike. Available in two finishes, hard-anodized and polished, these new rims will look perfect on your vintage track or road bikes and will be competitively-priced against other manufacturers.

Pictured above is the hard-anodized finish and you can check out the polished finish below.


Very nice! These rims will be available shortly so contact H+Son for ordering information.

  • No way. I was just at NYC Velo yesterday and someone had brought in a set of Ambrosio Nemesis tubular rims (google if you’re not familiar) to get built up. I was lamenting that no lo-pro box section rims were out there anymore, much less on the level of the old Ambrosio rims.

    I’m glad they’re putting these out, it might be the first rimset I buy (ever)

  • You guys are late… we have been messing with Boxxx protos for a while.

    The really cool part about that rim is how the inner cavity is shaped to work with tire size. Protos rode GREAT. Can’t wait for the finished version.

  • “guys”? Just one man show here homie and these aren’t available yet = proto. Tradeshows are where companies release their new products… This is the first web coverage you’ll see on this rim.

  • Kudos to H+Son for introducing another decent box-section rim option. Those look great! Sun M13s have been around for ages though and are very often overlooked.

  • BTW – RVAFIXED posted something about them back in July. Just sayin’.

  • I know you are just one man. This is hardly the first time boxxx has been on the internet. First gen protos are on a bike at Carytown Bikes and a few other places around the US and have been ridden since July. Tzuzing makes some great hoops.

  • nick

    umm salsa delgado hello? thats what i ran on my single/turned fixie 5 years ago, still running them today.

  • catass

    I’ve known about these since march.

  • larry

    I’ve known about these since 2007.

  • Adrian

    I know about these.

  • marrrrk.

    I’ve know about these since before H+Son even made rims. Ha!

    Bunch of cool guys in here:P



  • Onn

    The “sport” has a great “community.”