Interbike 2010: New Hold Fast Products Sep 23, 2010


For Interbike this year, Hold Fast has issued a few improvements to their classic FRS straps. A new toe-clip made from reinforced rubber, side guard shields to protect the buckles and an option for metal pedals.

Check out each of these in detail below.


The reinforced toe-clip will mount to pedals with clip holes or through pedals like the Animals with provided zip ties.


The new Hold Fast shields will keep your buckles from being damaged.


And a new sleeve for the FRS straps will allow you to run them on metal pedals. Each of these developments will be available for purchase soon, so check back for future updates.

  • Vas

    sideguard shields are a nice touch!

  • Raymond Sar

    Not a big fan of those rubber toe clips. I think it makes the strap look cheap and less quality than it really is. Also, is the final product going to have to be zip tied like that? The rubber clip guards though! That’s been needed for a minute! As well the pedal condoms for metal….

  • Joe

    Bout. Damn. Time.

  • antihero1972

    sick, I hope this will make it better for hill bombers

  • Levenger

    Hmmm. I thought one of the main ideas of FRS was to eliminate the toe strap? When using a traditional setup with this flexible rubber material, the weight of the toe strap running through the eyelet may cause the opening to sag, making entry quite frustrating. I was hoping they’d release a leather version of their FRS already.

  • The toe clip is optional, not standard and it was only created because people requested it. The production color will be gray, not orange as well…

  • A

    Raymond Sar said everything I wanted to say.

    also, I don’t really understand what the clip does?
    I mean, with my holdfasts, I don’t need to have something holding my toes back.. I don’t know, I’m probably missing the point