Interbike 2010: Mission Workshop Orion Jacket Sep 22, 2010


In a continuing effort to expand their product line, Mission Workshop introduced their Orion Jacket at this year’s Interbike. The Orion is made from Schoeller c_change™ and is completely waterproof and breathable.

Check out more detailed photos below.




Pockets everywhere! Including a waterproof iPod / iPhone interior with grommet (see below).


In addition to the Orion, Mission Workshop released one more technical garment this year at Interbike and I’ll have the exclusive look tomorrow morning, so check back!

  • Did they have any new bags to show off, or just the shoes & apparel?

  • Dan

    Damn, that looks so nice, but I bet it’ll be soo expensive…

  • Tim

    Wow… mushroom brown is such a sexy colour !

  • Spencer

    Yeah, that looks really nice.

    What’s the MSRP?

  • Devotion

    I liked it better when it used to say “PATAGONIA” on it.

  • Patagonia jackets aren’t cut for cycling whatsoever baby… Besides “another” manufacturer, much better than Patagonia is making this…

  • levenger

    Hmmm. Traditional back pockets would be more applicable for cycling. So would reflective elements. I don’t see the point in the hood for cycling, kills your peripheral vision. Cycling through traffic in headphones isn’t very safe, unless that’s an opening for your camelbak hose; or you can run the hose under and out your armpit if you like. Current features are more like hanging out, casual jacket.

    If I’m not mistaken, man named Chouinard started Patagonia. During his time, Chouinard was a bad ass mother fucker in the climbing scene. Sorta like Lamarche to FGFS. He made some killer product under his Chouinard name, but you’re right Prolly, Patagonia is now pretty hokey.

  • Conn Newton

    BAP! (big agnes products) in steamboat springs made a jacket very similar to this called the maverick hooded softshell. I got one last year for $126. With the exception of the pit zippers it looks like the same thing. Right now they have a Lost Dog Jacket: basically a hoodless version.

  • Madrigglypuff

    Prolly, maybe not Patagonia, but what about Arc’teryx, haha? I’d like to see how the fit, weight and material match up to Gore-Tex and the Arc’teryx standards.

  • Actually, you’re not too far off there… Arc’teryx’s original manufacturers, prior to the company going to China, are making this.

  • Madrigglypuff

    Ooo well that changes things a bit. I ride with a China sown Beta SL and it functions great, though I know it causes some hullabaloo amongst purist. Having a home-grown manufacturer may give BMW a leg up on the competition, in cycling applications and elsewhere…thanks for the scoop.