Interbike 2010: Mike Giant for Cinelli Flash Bar Tape Sep 30, 2010


When I was scoping out the Cinelli booth at Interbike this year, I was given a package of the Mike Giant Flash bar tape. Getting me to switch over from cloth on my cross bike was a big change for me but so far so good. I’m not usually one for patterned or graphic bar tape but I’m really digging this! Good looks to all parties involved. Next up is some of that Mash Topography tape and expanding bar plugs. Mmm.

  • maus

    reminds me of the 80s’s splash tape, but uglier. Also I think it’s funny that mr. ripoff puts his name on other peoples artwork or creative commons type stuff and people eat it up.

  • Spencer

    Is that your Nature Boy?

  • Yep. I bent a Berthoud fender so I took them off. Also took of the Nitto Campee and the bars. Put on Vittoria cross tires, my trusty 1960’s Unicanitor and Salsa drops.

    Figured it was time to race cross ya know?

  • I’m glad to see you’ve switched. Moustache bars are stylish, but hard to throw the bike around with. It should be more fun this way.