Interbike 2010: Hold Fast Backpacks Sep 27, 2010


One of the things that Jeremiah from Hold Fast has always told me, even before he made the first Hold Fast FRS is that he wants to design a backpack. This year at Interbike, Hold fast unveiled just that. Unfortunately, this is all I’ll show you right now because, well, you know how the internet rolls. All I’ll say is there are a lot of smart design features in the bag, many of which I’ve never seen before. Once the guys pull the trigger on letting me do a full review, you’ll see it here.

  • naut

    cool.Speaking of hold fast… when are we going to know the viking contest results?

  • Tyler Johnson

    These bags are super duper rad, the remind me of the masterpiece bags from Japan (that is a VERY good thing)

  • hallupinya

    ugly, to many straps.

  • My plan is to have the results up tomorrow…

  • hallupinya, it’s modeled after a ruck-sack, a military backpack and the straps offer a lot of features not shown in these photos.

  • ill vouch for em. I saw these in the shop before they rolled out to vegas, theres deff alot of features. Im surely gonna rock one since I need a bigger bag…