Interbike 2010: Fyxation’s 35c and 23c Tires Sep 23, 2010


To meet the demand of various tire sizes, Fyxation introduced two new tires for 2011. Available now are the 23c tires and in 2011 are the long-awaited 35c option. Both models come in all the standard Fyxation colors and use the signature full-wrapping tread pattern. Pictured above is the 35c in black and below are more photos of the other options.


23c in Green is on the left and 35c in white is on the right.


There’s quite a size difference.


Here’s the side of the 35c. Be on the look out for these products at Fyxation dealers worldwide!

  • I love my Fyxation tires, I’ve just been waiting for some 35s, so hell yes. I’m stoked on this for sure!

  • sad dad

    I had two fyxations and they both ripped dime size holes in the sidewalls right over the bead from casing gaps. Ive never had another tire do that.
    also skidded through to the bead in two weeks and i dont even skid that much.

    horrible overpriced tires

  • Joe

    I’ve been riding on some Sessions for two months now, and they’re the best tires I’ve ever ridden. I’ll definitely be picking up some 35s when I purchase a Bruiser this winter.

  • sad mom

    i wish sad dad would quit being so lame and come fuck me.

  • kosh

    Idk what the big deal about these tires are. Just cuz they’re colored? 35c!? srsly?! a 35c isn’t really that big anymore, there are frames with 50c+ now. last thing is… they only came out with a 35c; its a company that focuses on tires. why didn’t they come out w/ 38c, 40c, 45c, 47c, 26″ ?