Interbike 2010: Feedback Sports Truing Station Sep 27, 2010


Living in NYC, your space is often limited, especially when it comes to bikes which is why when I see an innovative product, relating to bike storage or care, I get kinda stoked. Feedback Sports seems to be addressing this with a few essential products that are modular and easy to pack away. One of which is their Truing Station.

Check out more shots below.



The Truing Station can be found online for under $100. Not bad. A lot better than truing your wheels in your fork or frame that’s for sure.

  • Jason

    I could fuck with this cheap and smart. does it fold down?

  • cyo

    I have this. Got it a few years ago and it is just barely better than truing a wheel while on the bike or fork. $100 is half way to a really nice stand.