Interbike 2010: Dodici 26″ Fixed Freestyle Frame Sep 24, 2010


Another company to release a 26″ fixed freestyle frame at Interbike is Dodici. Known mostly for their street fixed and track bikes, the Italian designers took a big step in the right direction for their first fixed freestyle frame. Complete with stainless steel dropouts, proprietary stainless rear triangle and True Temper tubing, the Dodici 26″ fixed freestyle stands out from the rest.

Check out more detail photos and the overall bike shot below.






No word on price or availability but once I get the information, I’ll let you know.

  • AJ Austin

    wow, i scrolled to the bottom right away and thought that thing was a 24’bmx.

  • VD

    isn’t that just a rip-off of the GRIME frame?

  • what is the reason for it to be a rip off of the grime beside the fact that both are designed as 26″ specific?
    tubings are not COLUMBUS proven to be too weak on the gorilla frames but true temper like already tested with BMW and many other bmx frames, the orizontal tube and the diagonal are true temper (USA tubings), only the vertical is columbus, we made the rearstays tubings our selfs from a plain gauge stainless steel round tube made oval and then “S” shaped to fit up to 2.4 tyres.
    the droputs are cnc stainless steel and will soon be available also in the 14mm version.
    tnx prolly!

  • Kevin P.

    This frame is hot! Nothing like the grime either. I rode Wonkas in LA and it didnt look like this at all. I like the rear triangle and drop outs. Jacopo how much will it cost US residents?

  • Steamroller

    How long will it take these companies to realize that their framesets need a fucking chainstay bridge! Charge, GRIME, Nemesis Project, and now Dodici. A fucking frame needs a chainstay bridge. If it doesn’t have one, any hack can bend the frame after a few shit 180’s. Add a fucking chainstay brace people. Specialized’s SLUMWORM frameset has a neat chainstay wishbone type of deal going on, reminds me of their 415 BMX frame from years ago.

  • Jacopo/ Mara, well done!

    You are just rocking our world every time!
    Get your selves some solid riders, both bombers and freestylers to promote these frames!

    Thats the only thing missing…

  • to steamroller:
    we have been testing this frame extensively both for geometry and for materials, we found out that gusset can destroy a frame instead of saving it and also chainstay bridge is something that can weaken the frame and disturb the geometry!
    our frame is made in italy , 30 km from my home town, so if you want one our our trick frame custom made with a chainstay bridge we can manifacture one for you!
    the rear stays is been exclusively made by us using tubings that have never been used in the trick track frame wich is stainless steel, not xcr or anything fancy coming from competition but thick plain gauge stainles steel proven to be much stronger and elastic than normal steel,so ALL the rearstays have been made with stainless steel !
    to Agi:
    riders have been doing thier work in secret you will see them soon!

  • bailey

    I strongly agree with the chainstay bridge.

  • Steamroller

    Jacopo: If a bridge disrupts the chainstay’s integrity, then why does your frame use a seatstay bridge? Wouldn’t that bridge ruin the seatstays?
    This is the reason I haven’t gotten rid of my Steamroller/Fu Manchu combo. It allows me to run 1.95 Hemispheres, has a chainstay bridge, and is strong as fuck. I’ve had the frame for over two years and have put it throu a fair amount of abuse. Surly should produce an updated, trick specific ‘Roller with an integrated headtube, and a Mid bottom bracket.

  • Steamroller, do you have a bike company? Just curious if you have an engineering degree or if you’ve ever built a frame. Plenty of “trick bikes” lack chainstay bridges and a seatstay bridge doesn’t affect integrity like a chainstay bridge does and can.

  • Steamroller

    John, how does a chainstay bridge affect a frame’s integrity?
    Even Bruiser’s have one.

  • It’s all about how you engineer the tubing man. Lots of bikes use butting (“internal gussets”) and hence, the need for a chainstay bridge is unnecessary. If you have a chainstay bridge, in some cases, it’ll cause a stress riser.

    Again, I’m not an engineer so I tend to leave bike design to the manufacturers. I just know from experience with frames that the presence of a chainstay bridge doesn’t imply a stronger rear triangle.

    Curious though, what makes you such a self-proclaimed authority on bike design? Do you work for a company?

  • Noah

    Is that rear dropout hood made to fit a peg?

  • Dan

    Steamroller, your opinions remind me of the young shop mechanics that we get in here at my bike shop. They have less than a years experience and they think they know everything. Those of us who have been working in the industry for over 20 years just listen to them and shake our heads. Eventually they learn to quit being so opinionated and myopic. Wise words my friend, leave it up to the builders to decide what works and don’t argue moot points.

    We’re all waiting for you to respond to Prolly’s question too. My guess puts your age at around 23.

  • Steamroller

    Dan, I am very opinionated, and I do ask alot of questions, and I like to discuss bike shit. As for my experience, I raced BMX for 4 years, and after that I got into street riding. In total I’ve ridden BMX for a little over 11 years, and have been riding FGFS for just under 3. I’m 22 years old.
    Prolly, I don’t work for any companies, but it just intrigues me how you all can say that a chainstay bridge isn’t necessary on a frame’s rear tri. If you guys were right, don’t you think BMX frames would also be missing that bridge?

  • SR, totally understand. All I’m saying is a lot of bicycle design is engineering which is why some bikes have gussets and some don’t (a la Wheeltalk x Specialized). Not all bikes W/O bridges have weakened bb clusters. We simplified our bridge on the Bruiser after our complicated design caused stress fractures. Plenty of frames with CS bridges have tweaked rear ends. I don’t wanna name them out but it’s an engineering issue.

    I’m pretty confident that Jacobo as a designer and owner of a company is doing a good job. What other freestyle frame has a stainless steel rear triangle? That’ll hold up a lot better than 4130 IMO.

  • boy does this look similar. at least its not green. does anyone even ride in milan?

  • 26

    its a 26 inch frame and if by similar you mean hideous and ruining FGFS then yes. get a bmx and be done with it. 26 inch riders are just lazy bikes are small they look idiotic standing while they pedal and they still cant hop any higher. congo lamarche chacon and boothby kill shit on 29r why wont you 26 inchers get over it?

  • jack

    Krillz, I don’t see very many similarities between the frames other than the wheel size. In fact, I’d go as far to say that the Dodici looks a lot better than the Grime. Dodici has stainless dropouts and a rear triangle and a curved seat tube and a different top tube and downtube joint. I’ve never met you but your looking a little too into the comparison.


    Damn people. Ok, here’s the two frames side by side. Krillz, I love you man but they look nothing alike!

    I agree with Jack, I see very little similarities other than the wheel size. The seat-tube cluster, seat tube, rear end and head tube all look different.

  • rane


    “Is that rear dropout hood made to fit a peg?” -Noah