Interbike 2010: Cinelli Vigorelli – US Version Sep 26, 2010


As per popular demand for 2011 Cinelli USA worked on a new colorway for their first-ever aluminum track bike, the Vigorelli. Ditching the red, white and blue for black, red, green and yellow, the new US-only (sorry Europe) Vigorelli is looking stealthier than ever. So yes, the rumors are true, this is a US-only version.

Wanna see the full build? Read on below.




Now that’s a looker! You just can’t go wrong with black wet paint. Numerous shops, including iMinusD, will be pre-ordering the 2011 Mash and Vigorelli next week so keep an eye on their blog!

  • amazing build. that crankset really goes with the whole color scheme.

    at least it wasn’t infamously “murdered-out”. decals and small amounts of color make it look like a beaut.

  • zfree

    so they call this the USA version, why is it Belgian colors?

  • Chris

    Any word on the Laser??

  • proper build but this color scheme is shit.

  • There’s no green in the Belgian flag.

  • r

    read the link

    and then watch at the 2011 vigorelli

  • Bill Le Belge

    It isn’t a belgian flag but seems like (or german).

    I think they didn’t use the u.s colors to avoid having the same design (kind of) as the rock’n’rollin crew did last year.

    Anyway, these colors are weird.

  • I still love the Benoit’s France Version Vigorelli :)

  • lex

    give meeeeee

  • r

    here’s the link which i didn’t include yesterday.

    The colors from the logo are from Italo Lupi. The logo was introduced in 1979.