Interbike 2010: Bianchi Super Pista Sep 27, 2010


Here’s another quick look at the Bianchi Super Pista. This exclusive colorway will be available in limited numbers and believe me, the Bianchi reps are tired of hearing the Vigorelli reference. I like it. Personally, I’d build it a bit differently but that’s another post all together!

  • Steamroller

    They should’ve built it with nicer components.

  • cleb

    those spokes are adowabow

  • levenger

    Not bad, but I require a BIGGER logo. I bet the non-drive chain-stay says, “”? Just what I needed.

  • chris

    same bullshit as the vigorelli and i don’t mean paint. ATTN BIKE MANUFACTURERS: we do not want track bikes with backwards sloping top tubes. cut that shit out, it looks like garbage. seriously. thanks.

  • Shoulda used the bar from the Felt TK2.

  • wallingsworth

    what’s up with that saddle angle?
    bike looks like shit btw.

  • tristan

    New copied paint on a the same mediocre frame as usual? No thanks, Bianchi.

  • Nick

    Despite some previous hate on the lack of nice components, I would like to point out the all-city one. It is the best part of this bike.