Interbike 2010: Anodized Mission Workshop Strap Hardware Sep 26, 2010


Mission Workshop ( @MissionWorkshop ) wanted to mix things up for 2011. Now you’ll be able to order new anodized hardware for your Shed, Rummy or Monty roll top messenger bags. Since their products are modular, replacing the existing straps will be a simple task.

Check out more photos below.


Two of the colors are blue and gold. Also offered are pink.


Both the cinch strap buckles will come anodized in these colors.


And will replace the standard straps prior to shipping out your order.


Just another simple way to personalize your standard messenger bag. Digging it! No word yet on the process or price associated with replacing the straps. So keep an eye on Mission Workshop’s site for those details.

  • Edward

    I’ve been using a Mission Workshop Shed bag for courier (in NZ you’d be laughed off the street for referring to yourself as a messenger) work and I’ve gotta say, it is AMAZING. Hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made for working, and surprisingly cheap, considering what you get. And now this! I’d be all over the gold.