Interbike 2010: Affinity Cycles – Kissena Sep 30, 2010


Another bike Jason from Affinity wanted me to photograph for his Interbike leaflets was the Kissena track bike. This one in particular was built up for Wilis to ride. Wilis kept it classy with an mostly-black groupo. All it needs are black Omniums to complete it!

Check out more photos below.




Loving the blue. So clean! The Kissena retails for $750 for frame, fork and seat post clamp.

Interbike 2010: Affinity Cycles – Cyclone
A Closer Look at the Trimble Affinity Track Bike

  • Craig

    I rode this beaut at the Boston BFF. Super stiff, but still comfy. Really really beautiful bike.

  • 700c4Life

    Do you have any close up shots of the fork? It appears to closely resemble the Bianchi Pista Concept/Super Pista fork…

  • bomberrider

    I got the kissena red version frame.
    It is very stiff and very beautiful frame!!

  • chris

    ive seen this at affinity, and its a beautiful bike. however is now one else bothered by the slammed seatpost? they couldnt have shortened the seatpost a few inches to allow it to look normal? i mean maybe its just the concor, but that looks silly.

    please let me state again that i love this frame, and was bummed out that i didnt buy it when i had the chance. seatpost tube just kills me.

  • There were many discussions about that. You’re supposed to cut the mast to fit. Some want it slammed (as pictured) and others want it with exposed post. 6 one way and 1/2 a dozen the other…

  • Wilis

    Haha. I’m going to throw a black chainring to accent the black.
    This is the stiffest most responsive frame I’ve rode/raced on. The fork is not the same as mentioned.
    The seatmast was fitted by nonother than Andrew la courte! I’m a fan of a little seatpost floating but this is the accurate messiremen of my inseam.

  • Zach FF

    Absolutely love this frame. Is it possible to throw a front brake on there? (blah blah I know, I’m lame)