How To: Burro Pedal Strap Reinforcement Sep 8, 2010

Nice little how-to reinforce your foot retention video from Milwaukee’s Sam Erickson. Antonyo’s got some killer moves in here too. Well worth the watch!

  • Not to be a dink but this idea was originally a YNOT Cycle reinforcement that we used on our first batches of our Pro straps. Charlie (who passed the idea on to Antonyo/Burro) is a friend who got the idea from us.

    Is this petty of me to post? haha Whatever, the video only helps people so I don’t really care.

  • allender

    this really applies to all straps that are similarly made… petty? probably tom, but who could hold it against you?

  • PHLthy Rich

    i realized after watching this one of the main things that fg edits lack that bmx videos have is really good camera work. some of the pan and sweeping shots that are common place in bmx as well as angles of a skilled camera man. plus extremely expensive equipment. i mean with ‘tonyo moves and the way that was shot, i can see legit full lengths in the near future.

  • Josue

    So FixedGearFreeStyle Riders Weae Silly Bandz? No Way!