Haters Gonna Hate Sep 14, 2010


‘Nuff said.

  • shaeshdfeeshd

    looks like a hella mean-muggin slashed face undead prolly

  • aj austin

    why would someone put a fast folks sticker in NYC other than us? that must be left over from BFF this year, we put fast fold stickers all over brooklyn.

  • Gordon

    Well, maybe someone was putting a coin in the meter, and it just happened to have a razor sharp edge. And then when they dropped it, it rolled over the Prolly sticker and sliced it down the middle. Then, after they picked it up, they dropped it again and sliced it again, and the part in the center fell out. Totally, possible, dude.

  • em atx

    ATX takin over the world!

  • Trohn

    Whoever makes stickers of it’s own face, should maybe not wonder!

  • Vas

    sticker beef is the worst kind of beef

  • uh

    chris lee?

  • Emil

    i know who did that and he is a spaz. plus i cant even believe this is a post