Gan Well PT-1 Sep 30, 2010


Sorry to post something so bummer status but you guys gotta see this. Looks like Gan Well is either shifting some of its line to Taiwan or they’re making this for dirt cheap in Japan. For ¥59,800 you get a complete Gan Well PT-1 with a 72° head tube angle, Andel cranks and some other, base-line components. I can honestly say I am not stoked on this. Putting your name on something doesn’t merit an excited consumer base. Is this a by-product of Japan’s new strict brake laws? Discuss.

  • santiago

    i bet this will be available at bikes direct hahaha

  • mike

    Don’t mean to change the subject, but what’s the deal with japans new laws? Any links?

  • Wade

    HT angle looks slack enough for an NYTimes article on what girls in ridiculous shoes ride on the sidewalks

  • jay

    this bike was launched 3 years ago dude.
    old news. that is why its a Gan well and not “Gan well pro”

    look, whats the difference ? KINFOLK is make by Vivalo and that guy made so many bad frame. Vivalo is banned from NJS and Keirin for bad frames and yet people are buying kinfolk made by the same guy.

    the whole njs japanese handmade thing is all smoke and mirrors. yeah you can get a nice frame but its not much different then anything else out there.

    its all a fucking joke. about the law. most police here dont know what a fixed gear is.

  • NO!!!!! This really bums me out. I still love mine as much as ever though[email protected]/4822243376/sizes/z/in/photostream/

  • Sorry I wasn’t up to date on that! I try to stay current and few things pass under my radar. But I know for a FACT that the brake law is serious there. I spent last week talking to some dudes who work at a well-known shop in Tokyo and all they kept saying was how the brake laws were affecting everyone’s business.

    Carnival shut down too. Whether or not because of the law is left to interpretation but more people want bikes that take brakes with ease and a boutique offering classic track bikes doesn’t address that demand.

    From talking to Japanese distros too, they’re all demanding brake mounts on trick bikes and that’s a new development. When I was there, I didn’t notice any problems. But this is supposed to be a more recent thing.

    Just saying man…

  • Steamroller

    I’ve seen nicer-looking conversions out on the streets than this.

  • FUk it. Buy Amer’can dammit. Ya buncha exoticists!

  • 44

    Brakeless ticket in JP can be up to 50,000 YEN is what I heard. Possibly just around Tokyo, but regardless of the ticket law, it’s the people. Majority of cyclists disagree with brakeless bikes in JP.

  • nishitokyo

    The fine for brakeless is 50,000yen. Here is the situation in Tokyo…the city city/Harajuku, Shibuya, yamanote area. Police have set up check points during the commuting timeframe and other than these, police on motorcycles and in cars are well aware to check for brakes. The law originally existed (requirement of 2 individual mechanical brakes to stop within 3m at a speed of 10kph) but never enforced up to now. There have been an accident or two where a brakeless fixed gear bike hit a pedestrian resulting in death. That is why in the city it is getting stupid. Glad I live out of this area.

  • ben

    i’m just noticing the difference between the names gan well pro and gan well. whole lotta room in between the pro line and the entry level…..

  • tristan

    prolly… not stoked about something…. my life is flashing before my eyes.

  • Jonathan

    A mate was living in Japan a while back and picked one of these up. It’s a road-geo fixed gear, nothing fancy, but nice and solid. He’s put a lot of road miles on it and it’s holding up well. Won’t appeal to the fxxtie-biek trixxy hipsterzz, but whatever.

  • All right, are we now going back to the times old when you could buy used Keirin frames for 100 bucks a piece in Tokyo?

  • Max

    I,m all for letting people ride what they want to ride but that’s just disgusting.

  • dux

    I was hit by a brakeless twit that then attempted to flee but somehow managed
    to hit a parked car and break his fork. He got up and blamed me for being on the street in his way. I kept one of his teeth.
    If you ride brakeless at least show some talent for avoiding accidents and don’t
    act all bent when you fuck up.
    And sign your organ donor card…….