Fixed Gear Athens: Introducing Elias Hoodalis Sep 29, 2010

Finding this in the last few straggling emails I have left from Interbike was a treat! Ride fast! Really bad-ass. A little on the long side but I love seeing other cities through the eyes of cyclists. Keep your eyes on Fixed Gear Athens for more information.

  • squid


  • agi

    Hey John!

    Thanks for posting!

    This is Fixed Gear Athens: introducing Elias Hoodalis, fastest guy down here!
    Check out FGA’s new shop opening on November: http://www.48×

    keep bombing!

  • chris

    crazy city riding, questionable music, but hell its europe so anything goes.

    dodici frames already though? thought that just dropped at interbike?

  • B

    Heavy bombing and Sisters Of Mercy, nice!

  • crutchmaster666

    Next time I go to Athens, I’m definitely bringing my bike. I went to Albania past summer and bombing the hills there was insane!