DZR Shoes: Intro Video Sep 16, 2010

After posting about DZR Shoes ( @DZRShoes ) the other day, it seems like the internet has blown up with talks about the shoes. James Adamson made this little intro video to show everyone what DZR is all about. Nicely done. I love the clipless envy shots.

DZR: Prolly is not Probably Ovis SPD Sneakers

  • wilis

    I really want to try these out,
    The video was nicely shot with a good vibe,
    Can these handle faster riding or and ally cat?
    I would like to know if the sole would flex bombing down at 30 mph and if you locked a skid would you pop out due to flex of the sole?

  • d.patrick1a

    hey they look nice actually, personally i think the mission workshop shoes look like a tougher pair of shoes. im really diggin all the shoes with clips built into the bottoms.

  • 304 Joel

    I have a pair of the Mission Workshop Rondel shoes, which is a collaboration with this brand here, that I am currently waiting for a warranty claim on due to one shoe having a slightly misaligned sole, but while I can’t ride them right now, I can give some insight into them.

    wilis, going from the design of the shoe and testing the stiffness by hand, I would imagine the sole would flex slightly while bombing, but much less than a regular sneaker would. As far as locking a skid, I would honestly be more concerned with the float settings of the pedals than the stiffness of the sole. I imagine a fairly tight float would be needed so as not to come un-clipped.

    That being said, I am incredibly stoked about these shoes, and that Chrome is joining the fray as well. Before I rode fixed, I rode clipless with the ugliest Specialized SPD shoes on the planet, and longed, complained, and wondered why there were no SPD shoes that looked like sneakers and not like mutant hiking boots. Thank God for long overdue progress. Clipless is so, so much more efficient and comfortable than straps. Like a fixed gear drivetrain, it makes you feel like the bike is part of you.

  • Fugly. They’ve taken the worst shit from All-stars and Vans Sk8 highs.

  • tbone mendez

    what the fuck are those ugly piece of shits