Cycle Angelo: Allan’s Dodici Special Sep 3, 2010


Here’s a really sensibly-built Dodici Special shot by Cycle Angelo. I really like the stoker hood and front brake. Nice frame too! Check out more shots at Cycle Angelo.

  • agi A. Kolyvas

    riding the same bike,

    this built is lame!

    whats with the 2 brake levers on a front brake? If you want a racer why dont you built one…?

    This bike is a bomber, use it as is!

  • Agi, you’re a little too close-minded my friend. A stoker hood is a “dummy” hood that allows the rider to utilize the hand position where you’re resting on the hoods. It offers a lot more positions than typical narrow-ass track drops. I’m sure the dude bombs plenty on it.

  • So sick! Definitely Tracko approved and I even think Eben could get down with build!

  • Adrian

    This build is perfect.

  • R120

    I love it when clueless people post shit on here – if you want a build for bombing it, this set up would shit on the usual narrow risered build most would for on this frame.

  • Ryan

    Does anyone know what size frame this is? I’m just trying to figure out about how much toe overlap the different size specials have.