I Tweeted this last night while away from my computer and didn’t get a chance to put up a nice Photoshop flip until this morning. You know what? This sucks. Now, more than ever, the general public is going to associate professional cycling with doping. Contador, you’ve disgraced the cycling community. We all thought you were some cocky little shit who somehow had the skills to back it up. Now we all know you’re a phony!

Read up more at the NY Times.

  • Nick

    considering the tiny concentration of the sample, i think it is far too early to be making judgment. to do so before b samples are tested is simply ignorant

    either way, it is certainly bad press for cycling.

  • zfree

    Take it easy man, he hasn’t been proven guilty of anything yet. I don’t like the guy but what you are doing isn’t helping cycling out at all.

    He was caught with 50 picograms (or 0,000 000 000 05 grams per ml)of Clerbuterol which is used in all kinds of meats in Europe to help keep the fat content down and this will NOT win you a Tour. If it is proven that he was doping and/or using this as a masking agent put this up but Maybe wait till he is proven guilty and suspended from the sport before filling all the readers with the hatred.

  • d.patrick1a

    Good maybe they will then award Andy Schleck the win for this years tour. I thought Andy was going to win until he dropped his chain and Contador attacked.

  • Kevin

    Even though I’m no Contador fan, I hope there is a way it can be proven that it was just tainted meat. I’ve always wondered what could prevent some rival/crazed fan from sabotaging food/drink so that an athlete would test positive for doping. I sure they must take some sort of precautions so this sort of thing doesn’t happen… but maybe not.

  • VD

    contador’s a megalomaniacal narcissist. the only thing he’s ever given anyone is ‘the finger.’ of course he’s on drugs. tainted meat. i got some tainted meat right here, baby…

  • perttime
  • zen

    Nothing like the whiff of a scandal to bring the haters out…

  • Florian

    lets just hope he didnt dope, its no good for the sport, it ruined the cycling here in germany

  • Rui

    The levels detected were so small that the two toher labs that UCI uses for testing would not have even detected it.

    I think the guy is a douche, but if Clenbuterol is ready available in meat and is known to have zero performance enhancing effect is such minute (almost unmeasurable amounts) then he shouldnt be punished for it. His pre tour tests were reviewed and are negative for Clen. This is the only sample of his that popped for Clen and considering the amount, incidental ingestion when enjoying a steak after a hard day of riding makes sense to me.

  • Greg Normal

    You believe everything you read?

  • Is anyone suprised? I get a kick out of people who get upset about dopers “ruining” the sport. All of these guys are on something, its just getting upset at the ones who get caught. Then we get all sentimental about the “good old days” when people openly drank and doped in racing.

    The last person we need to worry about disgracing the “cycling community” (as if their is one homogenous entity) is Contador. In 10 years people will write about him as the “bad boy” of cycling and everyone is going to be in love with his bad attitude.

  • Bob

    Prolly, you’re a big mouth.

  • petorman

    Fuck yeah Prolly! I’m glad to hear you’re a Conty hater too. fucking punk ass….

  • hater69

    I have been reading up about this and talking it over with a few folks here in the New York and the general consensus is that yes the quantities detected are tiny and would have zero effect on his performance. Clenbuterol is a steroid that essentially burns fat while building muscle. It would be something that is entirely useless to someone on the last rest day of a grand tour when you have already probably lost close to five pounds from the first two and a half weeks.

    But here is the thing… It is something that would benefit a rider out of competition who is preparing for a grand tour by helping him loose weight while maintaining muscle mass. This period of preparation would also be a good time to extract blood for transfusion for the crucial late mountain stages. This scenario explains why all the tests pre and during the tour up to that point show nothing. The second rest day is in theory a good day for a transfusion. The blood he is using at that point is older and most of the drug is gone except for a small amount. It would explain why all of the sudden Clenbuterol shows up in his blood stream in the most absurdly small amounts. There is also no test for blood doping. The biological passport system is a good idea but it can be fooled by consistently elevating your blood values so that an abnormal value seems normal.

    I just think the whole food contamination thing is absurd. A lot more people would be producing positive tests for Clenbuterol if all you had to do was eat some meat. Maybe a contaminated substance but why on earth would you risk taking something that could maybe have even trace amounts of something on the banned list. Teams have a whole slew of people on salary to make sure that shit doesn’t happen.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Yeah yeah yeah I still hate the guy!

  • I’m going along with what hater69 said, that second rest day is perfect for blood transfusion and the only way for this small amount to show up. Also, as far as the “contaminated” meat story I’m not buying it since the use of Clenbuterol or any other steroid is illegal to inject into cattle in Europe. In the past when people have accidentally ingested it they have become ill and these cases were in China where there is no ban on steroid injection into cattle. I’m not saying it’s not impossible, but the facts are up against Contador. Want a little more food for thought?

  • I’m addicted to this page as a fixed world, and it seems that even here is to put up with these ignorant people that out of the tabloid press titles absurd their own conclusions without being able or having a bit of common sense to inquire into the facts and actual results before speaking.
    Long live the free exercise of executive judge! heads to roll!

  • Florian

    Contador, bad boy of cycling? No, the dude looks like a little monkey, I cant stand him. I lost all respect when he attacked Schleck as his chain came off. Eff him!!

  • zfree

    One thing too note hater69, none of his teammates never tested positive because they were never tested. Contador was tested because he was in the Maillot Jaune for the rest day and the two days prior.

    But as most people agree with he is still a douche bag, but just because he is not a cool guy doesn’t mean he should thrown to the dogs.

  • wepass

    Keep in mind, Haters, Contador is just some guy, like everyone else. This has little effect on your life, like you have little effect on his.

  • Camiloko

    All you “I love america” and Contador haters, can go and kiss Amstrong’s ass.
    Remember this…

  • hater69

    I just want to throw this out there. I got nothing against Contador. I loved watching him race this Tour and sincerely hope that the exciting duel I saw was not the results of cheating. My statements earlier are nothing more then a theory that seems to make sense to me. I don’t know if it will stand up to scientific scrutiny. So take it for what it is.

    For what is worth L’Equipe published an article that presented a similar hypothesis.

  • Marty.

    Harsh Prolly…Harsh.

    When your at Mellow Johnny’s ask Lance about his 1999 blood samples.

    Also, the general public could give a rats ass about cycling. People who race, or follow racing will still be just as excited regardless of the doping. Most people who like Lance know jack shit about racing. There is a bigger world outside of Lance & the USA.

  • Just to put it in perspective, a picogram is one part per quadrillion. A concentration of 50 picograms would be roughly equivalent to the surface area covered by 50 stamps on a piece of land the size of California and Oregon combined.

  • Rodrigo

    You’re pretty condemning for a Merckx fan, didn’t he fail a few important drug tests himself ?

  • dave

    Merckx – Armstrong – Contador. All dopers.
    If anyone HONESTLY believes that the top riders competing in the Tour De France are clean then you’re deluded, you may as well believe in Santa Clause..

  • cycling fanatic

    Pretty harsh to say you hate someone you haven’t met. He is as arrogant as most who are considered the best at what they do; especially in professional sports. Lance is also considered an asshole by more than a few people have had the displeasure of meeting him. It seems that many who are Lance lovers can not bring themselves to like Contador and vise versa. I am about the sport, competition and everyday nature of cycling.