Chrome Kursk SPD Shoes Sep 13, 2010


Chrome just announced the introduction of their new SPD-compatible sneakers. The new Kursk SPD shoes are identical to the standard Kursk sneakers but have SPD-mounts. I wonder how they’ll hold up? Personally, I dig the look of the Mission Workshop Rondels but more options can’t be a bad thing.

  • Muahaha

    Mission just got “Eighth Inched” by Chrome. HA!

  • 1/8 Inch

    I represent that remark

  • Joey

    Are these going to fall apart in a week like the last pair I got from chrome? at least they were free. MW for the win.

  • I hope they stiffen the soles of these up a bit, my trobuks were great to ride in for a month until the soles got all soft and broken in. Now they just feel like vans slip ons.

  • Kim F.

    first thing I thought was the first comment made.

  • dag

    Goddamn arms race up in here.

  • sharkey

    just to clarify for anyone who cares…these actually don’t come out until february of next year. but anyone going to ibike can swing by the booth and check ’em out.

  • A reader forwarded me the photo and didn’t say where they got it from. Just saw it on Bike Rumor and it looks to be the same…

    That being said, Via Bike Rumor

  • Ray

    ah, finally… some non-butt-ugly Chrome shoes!

  • Brett

    Chrome bags = good Chrome everything else = really really shitty!

  • Sean

    If you had a bad experience with their shoes go on their customer service page, and contact them. They will ship you out a replacement pair, they have pretty solid customer service, and back their product.