Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 21 Sep 10, 2010


I think we’re getting close to Chris’ ( @ChrisPiascik ) All My Bikes series. If memory serves me correctly, there’s maybe 3 more ahead of this one but I could be wrong. A few years ago, the guys at Milwaukee Bicycle Co. approached me to help design the first proper fixed freestyle frameset. There weren’t other framesets available where the frame and fork were designed together, not as an aftermarket afterthought. We came up with the Bruiser. I remember building mine up and being thrilled. It was exactly what we wanted! Soon after, I had some prototypes and since this thing wasn’t breaking, I hooked Chris up with one. This became his first Bruiser and he felt the same way about it as I did. Check out Chris’ recollection here!

Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 19

  • jurij

    commuting and tricking year around on a chainless bike? now that’s impressive ;)

    I kinda like mr. Piascik’s series and I hope he’ll come up with other bike related illustrations once this series is over!

  • Damnit! How did I miss the chain?! Thanks as always John.